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2017 Holy Family Radio Radiothon

May 11-12, 2017

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(updated 6/5)

2017 Radiothon Prize Winners:
One Week Stay at Panama City Beach Condo Winner:
Joseph & Carol Taylor

Thursday First Caller Prize: Patrick Ryan

Thursday 9am:
Otterbox Phone Case: Bill Moriarity
Mystic Monk Gift Card: Donna Burry
Derby Museum Tickets: Cindy Brooks

Thu 10am:
Louisville Bats Tickets / Thornhill's Party Room Rental: Vic Brizendine
Mystic Monk Gift Card: John O'Dwyer

Thu 11am:
FDKY & Little Caesars Gift Cards: Pat Monaghan
My Saint My Hero Bracelet: Sara Hamilton
Mystic Monk Gift Card: Mike and Penny Michalak

Thu 1pm:
Holiday World Tickets: Bob Baker
McAlister's Deli Gift Card: Margie Montgomery
Mystic Monk Gift Card: Barbara Jones

Thu 2pm:
Little Caesars Gift Card & Thornhill's Batting Cage Rental: Bob Baker
My Saint My Hero Bracelet: Cheri Park
Mystic Monk Gift Card: Cheri Park

Thu 3pm:
La Chasse & Nanz & Kraft Gift Cards: Nick & Lorrie Kenney
Belle of Louisville Sightseeing Cruise: Cathy Targonski
Mystic Monk Gift Card: John & Drina Erb

Thu 4pm:
Frazier History Museum Tickets: Robert Baker, Sr.
McAlister's Deli Gift Card: Stephen Hardesty
Mystic Monk Gift Card: Pat & Annie Kenney

Thu 5pm:
FDKY Gift Card & Magnificat Magazine Subscription: Jim Moss
Mystic Monk Gift Card: Mike Ford

Friday 1st Caller Prize: Nancy Stanfield

Fri 9am:
Zoo Tickets & Zoobooks Subscription: Janet Foushee
Mystic Monk Gift Card: Robert Baker, Sr

Fri 10am:
Louisville City FC Tickets & Applebee's Gift Card: Mike Trout
My Saint My Hero Bracelet: Karen Schneider
Mystic Monk Gift Card: Karen Schneider

Fri 11am:
FDKY & McAlister's Deli Gift Cards: Jeff & Karla Blain
Speed Museum Tickets: Jeff & Karla Blain
Mystic Monk Gift Card: Jeff & Karla Blain

Fri 1pm:
Marian Center Gift Card & Magnificat Magazine Subscription: Stevie Simpson
Little Caesars Party Pack: Nancy Swann
Mystic Monk Gift Card: Nancy Swann

Fri 2pm:
Louisville Bats & Frazier History Museum Tickets: Monty Stout
Benedict XVI Book: Robert Baker, Sr.
Mystic Monk Gift Card: Robert Baker, Sr.

Fri 3pm:
FDKY, McAlister's Deli & Little Caesars Gift Cards: Eddie & Michelle Givan
Mystic Monk Gift Card: John & Mary Beth Kenney

Fri 4pm:
Magnificat Magazine Subscription: Dick Hollenkamp
Caritas Dei Necklace: Deacon Rick & Julie Fagan
Mystic Monk Gift Card: Becca Hamilton
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